The Mendota Heritage Trail
Mendota, Virginia
"In The Middle Of Everywhere"

The Mendota Trail, which would extend from Bristol VA to Mendota, Virginia, proponents of this railbed project envision it as another Virginia Creeper Trail. The 25-year old hiking and biking corridor which runs from downtown Abingdon over Whitetop Mountain to the North Carolina line, draws an estimated 50,000 visitors a year. Its economic impact has never been calculated. 

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 Participants in the last Ignite self assessment process identified walking and bicycling trails as one of the city's most pressing needs, after downtown development, It's hard to imagine that an attraction similar to the Creeper Trail wouldn't at least be a modest economic boon to the nearby area, 

For example, Mendota doesn't have so much as a convenience store right now . (At the turn of the century when the railroad passed through, Mendota had a bank and the exclusive Hamilton School which is now the Mendota Community Center). An influx of hikers and bicyclists might make such a store a viable concern not to mention bicycle and antique shops, thus benefiting residents of the community.